Let’s find out how to eliminate unemployment


At present, the unemployment rate is increasing day by day. In our country, on average, between five and six million young girls finish their education every year.
It is not possible for the government to hire so many people every year. So we have to choose a way to eliminate unemployment.

Today we will know how to eliminate unemployment:
Unemployment generally means that there is no work. If you ask an unemployed person that you have no work for. Who is responsible for this?
But he will worry about what to answer. In fact, he is responsible for it Because what I argue is you.

If that person is questioned again. What did you expect to happen from an early age?
But he can’t answer it properly. There is a kind of people among us who have no goals.
Their thinking is that when I finish my studies, any work will be done.

In fact, such people are unemployed and live at home. You will think of one thing that has always been the hope of becoming a doctor from childhood.
But one day he is a doctor. If anyone dreams of being an engineer, he is but one day an engineer.

In the hadith, if someone tries to get something Get it. So how do you get it if you don’t have the effort?
Unemployment is a curse, no one likes unemployed people.

This is what you need to do to eliminate unemployment:

You must set goals and work hard according to those goals. Now the question is how to set your goals?
Imagine yourself doing what you love to do. No matter what a man does, he can earn his living.
So do what you love to do.

Don’t look down on a task. There are no big and small jobs. If a rickshaw driver keeps a rickshaw, he earns 100 rupees.
And if a government employee earns Rs 100 per job. The rickshaw which he earned 100 rupees is worth the money.
And there is no difference in the value of the worker’s money. Every man works to earn money so no work is short.

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