There is no human making machine. But there are ways


Allah sent these human to earth as the best of creation. Again! this is the most terrible thing these people do.
Our society today is full of injustice, injustice, murder, disappearance, rape, oppression,It is as if people are rushing back into the dark ages.
Crime is increasing day by day. But what is the way out? When they ask the wise questions, they all agree on one thing, until people’s mental changes come,
People will not leave crime.

But the question is how will the mental change come about? Through education? So, those who are employed in the country, rob the country of wealth, car their houses with bribe money,
Everyone is educated? It was then understood that mental change does not come through education.

But if there is money, will there be a psychological change? But all those who are involved in crime are rich.
One sinner is richer than the rich, but the poor are poor. It is understood that having money does not change the mind.

So what is the way to bring about a change in mind? Yes, there is away. If a person is with a thief, then he is a thief.If a robber is with a robber.
With bribe hoof, the bribe is broken. But why not be a good person if you are with good people? Absolutely.

To bring about emotional change, we must be educated in religious education. Belief in the Creator who will lead the life of the Prophet. He will never do wrong.
Because the Prophet (s) teaches the model, every man should stand before the Creator for his evil deeds, and he must render an account.
The thought that human beings will never do anything wrong.

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So we should all our children and children should be educated in religious education and build a life.
Only then will the change of the nation come, too much disappearance, theft, robbery, oppression, rape, they will not be there anymore.
People can live in peace. Let us all unite and reorganize society

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