The fruits of date palms

The fruits of date palms

The fruits of date palms. Palm is a very familiar fruit. This result is generally more cultivated in Arab countries. Four hundred varieties of the date palm are cultivated all over the world.

In the Holy The Quran it has been said many times about dates. The Prophet (peace be upon him) declared If-tar with this fruit and declared it as circumcision for the Muslim nation around the world during Ramadan.

The fruits of date palms cannot be finished by describing its multiplication:

The number of nutrients in the date palms:

Every 100 grams of palm contains 230 calories of 75 grams of carbohydrate, 2.5 grams of protein and 0.4 grams of fat.
Also contains antioxidants, vitamin content, amino acids and vitamin C.

Benefits of eating dates and fruit quality:

Regarding the benefits of eating dates, Rasul (S) said: The person who eats seven Azwa palm every morning. On that day, no poison or magic will do him harm.
Azwa date palm is the best quality palm of Madinah. ”- Sahih Bokhari and Muslim.

Palm is a fruit of many benefits for people of all ages. It is very important for pregnant women to eat these fruits regularly.Because the fruit is very effective in fulfilling the deficiency of the body during pregnancy.

The fruits that serve as a great medicine for this disease are:

  • Keeps the brain vital.
  • It meets glucose deficiency.
  • The pregnant mother fills the body with deficiencies.
  • Powerful food is it.
  • The fruit is very effective against organ cancer.
  • Great medicine for people suffering from heart problems.
  • Eliminates indigestion often.
  • It eliminates physical weakness.
  • It helps prevent limbs.
  • Works to keep the heart-healthy.
  • It relieves cough when itching.
  • It also cannot be concluded that there are numerous multiples of date palms.

Our country does not use palm farming in terms of soil and weather conditions. So we eat palm from unique countries.
Many cannot afford to buy this fruit in terms of price as a foreign fruit. When we go to see a relative or patient. At that time I will try to take apples, oranges and not dates.

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