Do you know how harmful the mobile phone light is to the eye?

mobile phone light

Mobile phone light. The same image in front of everyone while walking in daily life.No matter where you are, everyone is shaking his head at the mobile.
We all got busy with Moba Eel after getting some time off at work.80% of us sleep at night with a mobile phone near the pillow.

And until the sleep comes, the eyes are on the mobile.

Let’s not know how damaging the mobile light is to our eyes:

  1. People who wake up at night are busy with mobile. They need to know that if they do not sleep properly at night, the brain’s ability to function slowly decreases.
    As a result, hormones can be reduced and various complex diseases can occur.
  2. The blue light of mobile phones reduces the production capacity of melatonin hormone in the human body. As a result, he does not want to sleep easily.
  3. The blue light on the mobile phone at night begins to diminish the performance of the eye retina. As this continues, the eyesight gradually diminishes and the tendency to blind at an early age increases.
  4. The blue light on mobile does not only reduce the production capacity of melatonin hormone in the body. This blue light reduces the number of other hormones in the body, thus reducing the number of antioxidants in the body.
    This antioxidant increases the body’s immunity to cancer. Due to which the risk of cancer is increasing.
  5. One type of shoulder pain arises when standing or sitting and looking at a continuous mobile phone. As a result, interest in the work is decreasing.

There are also many more harmful aspects of mobile phones. Brain tumors are likely to occur when sleeping with a mobile phone on the head.
It is very harmful to young boys and girls.

So before you go to sleep, keep your mobile phone away from you. Always keep an eye on those who have young children at home.
They should not spend too much time on mobile phones.

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Remember the eyes are your invaluable asset. Which is a special blessing from Allah? Don’t lose sight of it at an early age.

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