Learn about the benefits of nuts

benefits of nuts

Usually, we eat nuts as snacks. All kinds of nuts are good for health. Almonds are high in moisture and fiber. There is also an abundance of affectionate substances. And most of these fats are essential and beneficial fatty acids. The bad kind of affection is very rare. Some minerals are also found in nuts, especially vitamin E and magnesium. Vitamin E is good for skin and hair. Those whose hair is falling or getting rough, they can eat nuts. Nuts will also help to reduce the impression of age on the skin. Magnesium has a role in preventing disease.

How much nuts a day

You can put 30 grams or one ounce of nu_ts on your daily diet. The amount is roughly a handful. You can choose any nut_s. You can also eat a handful of nuts by mixing some types of nu_ts. Bad blood cholesterol levels will be under control. If you practice eating nu_ts instead of healthy (high-calorie-rich foods), your heart will be healthy. Weight loss, diabetes, and hypertension will reduce the risk of stroke. The benefits of nu_ts are more or less the same. Although all nu_ts contain all kinds of ingredients, some of the ingredients may be slightly less.

Wood nut-pasta nuts

The amount of affection in carbohydrates is higher than that of pestabod, and the amount of sugar in pestabada is relatively higher.


Walnut has a higher affinity for nutmeg-pasta nuts. So calories are more available. Magnesium also contains a lot. About half the amount of sugar. Besides cardiovascular well-being, it is good for the brain, especially for children. It is better to eat walnuts in the amount of 20-25 grams (one handful of a small handful) per day during brain and brain development.


Nutrition is relatively high in cashew nuts, low in sugar and affection. Magnesium is also sufficient. If we take antioxidants in foods, they help increase the absorption rate.


Peanuts are relatively low in sugars and fats and contain high affection. So it is not advisable to eat peanuts in excess, there is a risk of weight gain. Some people have allergies to peanu_ts. Peanut (not all asthma sufferers) may be an allergy to some asthma patients. Those with allergies, definitely avoid peanuts.

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