Everyone needs to know the functions of the computer


At the present time, everything is fine except for IT. Thinking about something without a computer has become impossible.
No matter where you go, you need a computer. If you do not know the computer in the present era, you will have many problems.

Does running a computer means listening to music and watching pictures from a computer? No!
There are many other aspects that everyone needs to know.

Today we will learn about the various uses of computers that we must know about:

Typing: You must know Bangla and English typing. Because you do not have to go to any computer work, you have to type.
Also if you want to give a job interview you need to know to type. Typically you can type 40 words per minute in English and 25 in Bengali.
That’s why you need to practice typing.

Browsing: What does browsing mean? If you are told that Grabs pictures of some jackfruit fruit from Google.
How do you collect then? For this, you must open a browser and search by typing jackfruit.
This method is called browsing.

Create a document: Creating a computer document or file is another important task. Writing is done through it. It’s called Microsoft Office Word.
It is important to have a fair amount of knowledge about it.

Photo editing: Everyone needs to do this. The photo is used in all present work. If you want to apply for a job online.
Then use the photo. Changes in image size, exact background-color, etc. are required.
So you should have a rough idea of photo editing.

Emailed: How to email? How to create an email account? It is important to know this little thing.
There are many other issues as well. What you need to know as present-day people.
Now the question is, where do you learn them from?

If you want to learn that topic, on YouTube. If you search through it, you will get thousands of videos.
From there you can easily learn these things.

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